Mar 23rd, 2017

PgDay Paris 2017

PostgreSQL is known to be a very good relational database system. Because it is robust, because it has all the features that modern RDBMS databases systems expects. On top of that it is an open source and free software with a very wide community behind...

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Feb 26th, 2017

Common tricks for a good Nginx configuration

After more than 3 years trusting Nginx to serve customer traffic I decided to list here a few common use cases I came up with. First in my previous working experience where I migrated the public facing webservers from Apache to Nginx. And now in my current job where I configure and maintain most of the Nginx configurations.

The following tips are common configurations which could easily be reusable or useful for other people. However all the following examples being from my experience might not be the best solution so please do not hesitate to comment my choices at the end of this article :).

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Nov 29th, 2016

Ansible: a few tips from my experience

After using Ansible in a pretty big production platform I wanted to try to list here a few tips worth sharing for both beginners and regular Ansible users.

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Nov 9th, 2016

Notes from my journey at Velocity conf 2016 (Europe)

I had the chance to attend Velocity conf 2016 in Amsterdam thanks to my current employer Trainline (formerly Capitaine Train). This article is a minimal transcript of my journey there during the talk sessions.

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Sep 3rd, 2016

Ruby build pipeline with Docker

Docker all the things \o/

You have probably seen people running all kind of things inside containers. Anything really, like a famous UI editor or a Tor relay for example.

When it comes to a server stack, some people would like to see Docker containers running in production everywhere. It can be a great idea if your production infrastructure is designed to run containers.

What if you still run dedicated instances or bare metal machines? Would you even want to use it?

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Jan 1st, 2016

A new place to share my software discoveries and curiosities

There has been a little while I wanted to create this mini-blog. I guess the panic monster finally came to say hello. So here it is I am happy to launch this site today! \o/!

You should expect some references here of my discoveries through my personal and professional IT projects. Mostly around software, automation, site reliability and distributed systems.

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